About Store.Shop

There is no specific anecdotal story behind Store.Shop's origin. This marketplace exists in response to the frustration of millions of consumers who have spent countless hours on hold calls, waiting for email responses, and talking to customer service representatives outsourced to countries with limited training and limited experience with the products and services for which they’re ostensibly providing support.

The internet has changed the way we all do business and has made it possible for small online retailers to succeed in the global supply chain alongside multi-billion dollar corporations. But where corporate behemoths have outsourced their customer service to other countries in the pursuit of growing already bloated executive bonuses and salaries, small businesses have stayed lean and focused on product expertise and offering immediate, exceptional customer service.

At Store.Shop, we strongly believe that no one is more knowledgable or cares more about their company than the owners of small businesses. And when customers can interact directly with these owners, the frustrations of a digital world vanish. No more hold music, no more emails never answered, no more hours wasted trying to figure out what’s happened to your product. Only direct communication - as close as the internet gets to buying from the local Mom and Pop store.

If you have any questions about joining our community, feel free to reach out directly to our Founder/CEO below where you’ll find his Employee Badge. Store.Shop is not a technology company. We are a customer service organization. Where traditional online marketplaces have focused on algorithms, artificial intelligence, and software, Store.Shop is focused on real human interactions with people that deeply care about the consumer’s happiness. If you are proud of the products and services you sell, and are committed to your customers’ satisfaction, please join us in saying enough is enough to nameless, faceless commerce.