With estimates ranging between 61% and 80% of reviews on Amazon being “fake”, more and more consumers are realizing that the 5 star review process for online shopping is broken, resulting in misleading claims and the potential purchase of dangerous, counterfeit or misrepresented products.

At Limerick, we wanted to create a marketplace where the consumer whole-heartedly trusts the digital footprint of the products they are buying. Both because they know only the best products from the most customer focused companies sell on Limerick but because they know objective and truthful information is available about the products they are purchasing.

That’s why our Limerick team implemented Limerick Recommendations to replace the 5 star review system to ensure customers.

How does Limerick Recommendations work? On each product listing under the Description, there is a line of text stating, “Limerick Recommends” Then the word “Buy” in Green letters below it with a blue button that says, “Read User Recommendations” below that. Clicking on that button will take you to a page with 1-5 user recommendations that answer 5 simple questions:

What is the product supposed to do?

How well did this product do that?

Is there anything exceptional about this product?

Is there anything you wish was better?

What else would you like the customer to know about this product?

These users have no affiliation with the company or the product being listed and have been chosen by the Limerick team for their objective product evaluation skills. They are regular consumers like anyone else! They receive the products for free and get no other compensation. If you’re interested in joining the Limerick Recommendation program as an evaluator, click here.

Once these Recommenders have finished evaluating a product, they submit the recommendation to our internal Limerick team, who reviews it before submitting it to the public on the product listing. The evaluator can keep the product or donate it to a local charity through the Limerick Gives program.

That simple! Instead of hundreds or even thousands of reviews from unknown sources, we limit our recommendations to a handful of trustworthy sources.

For more information about how Limerick Recommendations works, contact us here by clicking on an available employee badge.

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